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A warm welcome to “Kanpur Intermediate Education Centre”.  In the late 1960’s, there was a lack of good schools in Kanpur, which impart not only premium quality knowledge but also take care of the all round development of the child. Keeping these two objectives in mind we started a junior high school in Kidwai Nagar, after analyzing Our success in delivering those objectives we started a Senior Secondary co-ed English Medium School affiliated to the state board, at new Azad Nagar, Kanpur named Kanpur Intermediate Education Centre i.e. KIEC. Kiec was established to keep pace with growing need of parents who wanted their children to obtain an academic excellence and all-round development under an experience and updated management with quality guiding faculty. Here at KIEC, we leave no stone unturned to meet manifold needs of children, such as intellectual, emotional, spiritual and disciplinary.  At KIEC, we provide a caring and an engaging learning environment and we deliver an outstanding Academy knowledge to our student. We strive for academic excellence with good human values. We believe “Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations” we, in partnership with parents guide the children toward overall personality development with sound moral and high spiritual values.  We focus to use the best method of education available. The academic curriculum is supplemented by physical training, co-curricular activities and recreational events. We try to include books and syllabus that provide the most benefit to the students and we make a continuous update to those, for the betterment of the quality of education provided by the school. In partnership with parents, our goal is to guide children in the development of sound moral and spiritual values. We encourage social and Civic responsibility, mutual respect and self-esteem as we emphasis fact-based learning and prepare our students to meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing world. Here we try to provide a loving caring at the same time disciplined and educational environment for overall development of the child. School staff is dedicated to spreading the knowledge. The relentless effort of our faculty for giving their best, in order to bring out the best in each child is a key to our success


Our Vision

At Kanpur Intermediate Education Centre, we emphasize on the quality of knowledge provided to our student which not only help them to achieve their academic goals but also prepare them to face various challenges throughout their life and rise as a complete and successful human being.

Our Mission

We are committed to be an exceptional school with a difference. The scholar of our school will be knowledgeable, adaptable, sympathetic, reflective and participative individuals would take pride in them and will impact and influence the changing society with confidence, creativity and positive approach.




Welcome to Kindergarten program which helps prepare children for a positive start to their school journey. It helps in building the foundation for learning for children, so starting schooling can be a happy, exciting and successful experience. The emphasis is on developing in student self-confidence, encouragement to express themselves freely and get familiar with some academic learning in a fun and interesting way.

Primary & Middle School

The Program encourages inquiry and exploration and develops children's competence in various skills. The main aims of the Program are developing skills related to writing, reading, reflecting, critical thinking, public speaking, fostering initiative among students and a desire to acquire knowledge.  Activates and physical training are conducted to sharpen the co-circulars skills and overall development of child. Smart classes are used to ease for understanding some difficult topics by visual learning.

Senior Secondary 

The main aims of the Program are enhancing pre-developed skills related to writing, reading, reflecting, critical thinking, public speaking, disciplinary, fostering initiative among students and a desire to acquire knowledge. The program is structured to meet all the academic knowledge required by the student and development of student’s personality in order to prepare them to face the upcoming challenges and meet their future goals.

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