Admission Policies

The school encourages new students to apply for admission. A student applying for admission must provide his/her most recent report card at the time of the admission conference. We do our best to accommodate all incoming students. However, in the event of a large class enrollment, parishioners and siblings of students already in the school will be given first consideration, followed by others on the class waiting list.

Admission Procedure New admissions are taken in two phases i.e. April and July every year. Students who have passed through ICSE/CBSE are registered and admitted in April – May. The registration fee is charged at the time of registration, which is not refundable. After registration an entrance test in the subjects of English, Hindi and Maths is conducted. General questions are asked. Admission fee is payable at the time of admission and the monthly fee is taken from July to June only.


Payment of school fees shall be received during the office hours only. All payments are to be made before the 15th of each month. Students failing to pay the fee before the due date will be charged a fine as intimated by the school up to two consecutive months after which the name of the student will be struck of from the school rolls and he/she will not be allowed to attend the school. The payments of nursery classes from July to June (12 months fee) are to be cleared by the month of January.
X & XII students must clear their dues (fees) by the month of February.
No deduction in tution or conveyance fees is made for the absence or vacations.
Guardians should note that no payments are accepted through cheque or by school employees. Payments are to be made at the school counter with a proper receipt.


Regular attendance is important for academic success. Unless a student is ill, they are expected to attend school each day on time. It is disruptive to the educational process to have a student arrive in a class late or leave early. Please try to take family vacations during scheduled vacation times. Teachers are not required to give written work to students. A missed day is never truly made up

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